Lee’s Current Screenplays

Projects currently marketed include…
– Optioned property THE AMISH BLOODSUCKERS TRILOGY (book series) by Author Barbara Ellen Brink; 2 of 3 feature screenplays OR 4 of 6 episodes of a limited TV series concept currently titled SLAYER.   YA action/thriller; a teenager discovers that her divine destiny is to free an Amish colony from the ancient vampire clan that’s literally sucking them dead.

– SANDI CLAUS (family holiday fantasy w/music; live action, animation, or both).  Santa and his teen-age daughter have issues when he wants her to join “the family business” but she’s won an Internet singing contest and needs to perform for homeless kids in LA–on Christmas Eve!  PAGE Awards Finalist (2007, 2009), “Recommend”​ coverage from Coverage Ink.

– ASTEROID Au (family sci-fi action/adventure) feature screenplay, “space Western”​-like search for one whopping treasure. PAGE Awards quarterfinalist, Nicholl top 20%

– THE CHASE FOR THE Q-BIT (family sic-fi action/adventure) feature screenplay. Kids find the world’s most powerful computer, then have to go on the run from its thieves, assisted by a mysterious soldier who may or may not be their long-lost godmother who died years earlier. Winner – Capital Fund Screenplay Competition 2015 (Family category), PAGE Awards Finalist (2019).

– PRINCESS REBORN (family sci-fi action/adventure) feature screenplay. A closeted alien princess and “retired”​ superhero, her newbie superhero daughter, their fractured family, and a motley crew of former friends must save the world when an old  nemesis and his army of alien ghouls return to wreak havoc and revenge. PAGE Awards Finalist (2005), Semi-Finalist (2014).

– MALLED (dark romantic thriller) novel and feature screenplay. A young man bent on diabolical vengeance must rethink everything when he reconnects with a girl whose life he once saved and they fall in love. PAGE Awards quarterfinalist, Nicholl Top 20%

– THE GODS MUST BE HORNY; Teen rom-com based on a Greek myth. Could be done as a “raunchy”​ teen comedy as well. “Consider” coverage rating from Coverage Ink.