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Here’s information and links for purchase of my published books.  Links will take you to Amazon’s Kindle Store, where you can purchase either an ebook or a print copy.  Enjoy!!

Draft Windfork Secrets

WINDFORK SECRETS – Middle-grades/YA historical fantasy

Diona McBride wanted an A+ on a school report—and had to interview a “little old lady” to get it. But Nessy Scanlon’s not your average “little old lady,” and her stories are no addle-minded snoozers. Together the two re-write a small town’s history and explode the mystery of its infamous “bogeyman” legends. Originally self-published in 1998, this is a completely cleaned up. professionally-edited, and beautifully re-covered and bound version of the original story.


WINDFORK SECRETS has been kid-tested hundreds of times in my classroom and school library and loved by both they and their parents.  It’s also been an Amazon Kindle Free Store Best-Seller on numerous occasions.  This is one book you can buy knowing it will be read over and over, not just tossed aside and forgotten.

“A thought-provoking …historical novel for kids and adults alike…beautifully and skillfully written.” Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Review; 2000.

Published by Short On Time Books; Florence, AZ       ISBN# 9781511963862     314 pages   Ages 9-14   Ebook price; $3.99     Print edition; $12.99

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Malled Front v3 2

MALLED – A Tale of Revenge;  A dark, romantic drama/thriller

A vengeful young genius sabotages a new supermall in a murderous plot to ruin those that killed his father, but must rethink everything when he reconnects with a girl whose life he saved years earlier and they fall in love.

Voted “Best Horror” – 2013; Orangeberry Book Tours

An Amazon Bestseller; Free Teen/YA Kindle Store (#2)


This multi-award-winning drama about a vengeful, tortured soul and the “angel” that saves him from his self-described “death” is suspenseful, violent, darkly humorous,  thematically challenging, and “surprisingly romantic” to quote one customer reviewer.  A tale of redemption as much as it is of revenge and based on my screenplay Malled, it’s rated R for language and graphic violence…

Published by Short On Time Books; Florence, AZ USA by Lee Tidball ~ 978-1484180525 © 2013  231 pages Price: Ebook – $3.99; Print book – $9.99

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