A Quick Update…

Hi all!

Just thought I’d put up this brief post to let you all know what’s up in my writing life currently (as of July, 2016).  I don’t get to this site very often these days it seems, but it’s not that I don’t care.  Time’s just crunched.  So here’s a brief overview…

  • My new little writing diversion that I hope to make some occasional money at, travel writing, has already produced some fruit, both of the “getting published” and monetary variety.  I’ve written two articles, and both have been published, and one of them I even got paid for!  You can find them at the links below.

My article about the highly unique (and only) commuter airline to serve my area of Central CA, Boutique Air, was published in regional mag 209 Magazine.  Here’s the link, http://www.209magazine.com/yes-you-can-fly-from-209-to-lax-with-boutique-air/ , and, if you’d like to read it in the print edition of the mag, just to to http://www.209magazine.com and scroll down on the right-hand side to find “print editions” and look it up in the June/July edition, Pages 82-85.

My article about a little-known Native American tribal park which serves as a most unique way to cool down in the hot town of Palm Springs, CA was published by Travel Post Monthly in their July Edition.  The pics in this one are mine as well.

Next up, an article about a virtually private beach that sits in the middle of a National Seashore just north of San Francisco, and a photo essay on why I work so hard to stay in shape–and yes, that is a travel piece as much as a push for people to keep themselves physically fit.

  • I find myself doing more and more work for fledgling production company Spectrum Film Group, and their producer Ricci Moore and Director Kevin Reem.  Ricci and Kevin are on the verge of securing major funding to produce their first film, a “modern western” style, female-driven action piece.  I’ve assisted by investing a small amount of money to send their fund-finder to meetings with financiers in Dubai, and also doing a complete “polish” rewrite of the script for them.  Considerable financial compensation and a film credit will follow once funding is secured.  Ricci and Kevin have optioned my script Slayer – The Chosen based on my optioned property The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy by Author Barbara Ellen Brink, and that script will be a part of their next slate of scripts to be presented for financing once their first project is “in the can,” so I figure anything I can do to hasten that project’s completion will move my project closer to reality.

Funding a project is often frustrating and filled with “hurry up and wait” situations, but Ricci and Kevin are relentless, and I don’t know just when, but I feel that their venture will eventually become a reality and both I and my work will benefit from being in on the ground floor of it all.

  • I spent several months over the past year doing a collaborative rewrite with fellow MSC 2 writer David Gwinn of his script, which is a sci-fi re-imagining of the classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville.  David is currently polishing that up and will soon be marketing it to various connections that he has.  He and I will both receive credit and compensations once this project comes to fruition.
  • I’ve spent time this spring marketing my family sci-fi action/adventure Chase for the Q-Bit at the Great American Pitch Fest, with several producers and a potential representative showing interest in the project and/or me as a writer.  As always, these people are inundated with projects from dozens of eager writers at this event, and finding out if you’ve made someone’s “cut” takes a long time afterwards, but I’m hopeful.

Going forward, I’m hoping to complete all the scripts for the Amish Bloodsuckers project so that it’s completely ready to go once it comes up for funding, perhaps update my Princess Reborn project to give it more international appeal (and thus facilitate funding, studio interest, etc.), and definitely get started on a new, original project that I can market next year.   And who knows what else might come my way as I go along and continually work to create opportunities for my work to get exposure.

As always, there’s never a dull moment for this screenwriter.