MY FAIRY GODMOTHER – Doing Double-Time!

My feature script My Fairy Godmother; The Quantum Conspiracy got two big boosts in two days recently.  And of course, it all happened while I was on vacation (kind of an inside joke for those that know…).  First, I was informed by the staff of the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition,  a new screenwriting contest where scripts are read and judged directly by private equity and film fund managers, that my script was a winner and they wanted to arrange my one-on-one call with a studio-level financier, which was the prize for my winning.  So I checked the contest website, and sure enough, MFG:TQC had been selected as the winner of the Family Film category!  Woo-hoo!  This will afford me an excellent chance to not only educate myself about film finance, but also possibly expand my network into film financiers, the “money” people who everyone from indie producers to studio heads have to go to before they can make their movies.  And nice to be selected a winner too–I’m sure the competition was tough.

And then today, after hiking all day among Ancient Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains of eastern CA (and by ancient, we’re talking thousands of years old…), I returned to discover that the same script had made the first two cuts and is once again a quarterfinalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, one of the industry’s largest and most prestigious screenplay competitions (over 6200 entries this year).  It made it this far last year, but I’ve tweaked it a bit using new info gained in Screenwriting U’s Master of Screenwriting Certificate program that I’m currently in, and I hope it will proceed farther this year.

In the lonely and often mind-bogglingly frustrating business of trying to get a screenplay even looked at by those who can make it into a movie, much less actually get it produced, it’s little pats on the back like this and toenails in the doors of Hollywood that keep us screenwriters’ heads from exploding at times.  Much appreciation to both contest groups, to my network of friends, colleagues, and screenwriting buddies for their constant support (that’s you especially, Cyndie and Ron V.), Hal and Cheryl Croasmun for putting together such great classes that help me learn the biz, and especially Sam Alexander, former Director of Development at The Wolper Organization, who first believed in this script, helped me elevate its quality immensely, and was largely responsible for how it is today.  My thanks to you all, and let’s hope good things continue.  Much appreciated.